Database and Backend. How access to database through backend workflow?

How to retrieve information from database in backend?

ZeroOne platform offers a Database node which has several options to operate with. ZeroOne database is implemented in PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems, it is fully open-source and managed by community which makes it very versatile.

At the image above you can see the list of actions that you can do with database. ZeroOne offers intuitively understandable User Interface for every option. The purpose of this options is to provide user with all necessary functionality to do any kind of manipulations with database, however if user wants to interact with database through PostgreSQL queries by himself ZeroOne has “ExecuteQuery” option in ZeroOne Database node which translates the query written by the user to the database.

“Execute Query” option is basically looks like this. Here in photo my query from one of my projects in ZeroOne platform.

How to pass any information from Frontend to the database?

This task can be done by using ZeroOne trigger node which has input fields and those input fields can be filled with information from frontend.

ZeroOne Trigger Node

At the left side of image you can see that I have declared some input fields which is responsible for transferring info between Frontend and Backend workflows.

Backend ZeroOne trigger which is inserted to the frontend workflow

In image above you can see the Frontend workflow in which I have clicked on the Backend ZeroOne trigger which is called in frontend workflow. At the right side you can see the values I am passing from frontend to the backend for further operations.



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